Reduce cost, streamline business workflows and avoid technology downtime with Cloud computing and IT solutions.

Cloud-based apps are revolutionizing the ways companies connect with their clients, partners, and employees. They help reduce the costs of IT, prevent the need for a huge infrastructure investment, and offer scalability and speed of deployment. With these benefits in hand, you will have an edge over your competitors. This ultimately translates into an increase in your sales, customer base, and customer retention rates.

We at BNH realized the outcome of cloud application development early, which is why we can proudly say that we have the expertise and experience to guarantee effective and valuable applications for your business. We also take pride in what we do, which is why your satisfaction is important to us. Therefore, not only do we dedicate our best developers and technology for your project, we don’t charge you any startup costs. You only need to pay for the services you utilize.

BNH is The No. One Google App Engine Developer

BNH is home to top professionals who have mastered cloud development for Google App Engine (GAE) and Google Infrastructure.
There are many reasons that drove our developers to specialize in developing for the Google App Engine (GAE). The first of these is that Google is probably the most protected and trustworthy platform in the world. Through GAE, you can easily operate and maintain your web applications while benefiting from the added security of the Google Infrastructure.
In addition, GAE liberates you from being bound to a hardware server or application to run your system. Not only does that translate into enhanced productivity, but it means less hassle and fewer costs since your virtual system will be easier to build, maintain and expand.

BNH Utilizes Nothing but The Best Technologies for You

In addition to GAE, our staff has successfully created apps for both Amazon Web Service and Azure. We also offer the finest custom web applications as well as specialized Android, iPhone or iPad apps that cater to your requirements. We offer multiple services to our clients and we can easily develop the followings:

  • Custom Web Applications – We offer finest and most reliable applications to our clients.
  • Android / iPhone / iPad Applications – We develop different applications based on the requirements of our clients.

That aside, our experts are well-versed in the following frameworks
  • Google App Engine
  • Google Apps APIs
  • Google Apps Script
  • Google Data APIs
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • Google Maps/Places API
  • JavaScript + JQuery
  • OpenID + OAth 2.0 And Single Sign On

Through these, we promise to deliver beyond your expectations and ensure your success online. 

If you have more questions on Google App Engine or our cloud development service, connect with our experts via email on