Get Your Own Google Website and Tap Into A World of Benefits and Opportunities

We at BNH take pride in offering the latest technology at the most affordable prices. This is why we have embraced Google Sites for website design.

Google Sites is one of the most effective website building and design tools around. Offered by the IT mogul Google, the service allows personal and corporate users alike to enjoy websites that facilitate sharing files in the form of video, documents, music files, zipped folders, images and much more. As a result, Sites is ideal for numerous projects, including designing a secure company intranet and ensuring collaboration between teams.

BNH Relies on Google Sites to Deliver Your Website Needs

In addition to its vast potential, Google Sites is our main choice because it offers each of our clients a number of advantages, including:
  • High Security – The data uploaded and saved on your Google Sites pages is secured through Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

  • Lower Costs – Creating and maintaining a website through Google Sites is free, which reduces the overall cost of establishing your online presence.

  • More Space – Google Sites generously provides 10 GB, which is an adequate limit for most websites. We can always expand your space quota whenever you need it. This ensures the scalability of your website and its ability to grow with your business.

  • Easy Editing – Editing a website designed through this tool is easy. This means less downtime and 99% availability.

  • Integration of Google Apps – Your website can become more elaborate and highly functional with the help of 70+ Google services and apps, including Picasa, Google Maps, Google Docs and YouTube.

  • Search Engine Optimization – Google Sites offers a number of features that implement the best SEO practices and ultimately ensure that your website is indexed and highly ranked. Complementing these are Google Webmaster tools and Analytics, both of which are essential for your online success.

  • Simpler Collaboration – Managing teamwork can be difficult, but not with a website created using Google Sites. We can help you enjoy the benefits of a flexible site that can be shared with multiple people and on multiple platforms.
With these benefits in hand, your business will experience unprecedented success as your online visibility will increase and your profits will soar.

Bring Us on Board of Your Website Design Project Today

If you’re interested in Google Sites Design, we are your perfect choice. Our staff is skilled in creating unique websites with this tool and has an extensive portfolio to prove it.

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To avail our Google website design service and start reaping its benefits, fill out the form on the right. Our specialist will contact you to learn the features you want on your new site. On the basis of your feedback, we’ll design at least two drafts and on your confirmation finalize one. After revisions, we will deploy your new website through Google Sites and make the changes you deem necessary. Once it's complete and all pages are ready, we will migrate Google Sites to your Google account and map it. To further ensure that no stone is left unturned, we will provide you with an hour-long training to guide you on how to maintain Google Sites.

As part of our dedication to your satisfaction, we provide a 30-days warranty. Through it, you can change any aspect of your website, including its design, for no additional fee.

For more information on Google Sites web design services, connect to our customer support team at